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what we are

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plock consulting is an international operating consulting and service company.

Our customers are medical technology- , pharmaceutical- and industrial- companies which we are consulting and supporting in basicly all stages of development of their medical-, pharmaceutical- or industrial products.

Starting at definition and specification of a product under regulated conditions we take care for our customers that all regulatory requirements are considered.
Within the complete development process, through verification & validation until first placement into the different world-markets we support our customers in the regulatory conformity process, certification and business strategies.

We support companies in the complete process of product design, development, regulatory affairs, production support as well as in marketing and sales. In addition plock consulting supports companies in their startup of their company founding or quality management system (including maintenance).

Based on over fiften year experience in regulatory affairs, research & development (R&D), quality management (QM), management by objectives (MBO) and marketing and sales plock consulting provides customer orientated consulting and support in almost every division of an industrial or medical production company from basic consulting up to executing complete projects.

With involvement of the special needs of our customer and our codes of honor we are always working result-orientated to keep cost and complexity as low as possible also in very complex challenges or business environment.