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business activities

Our customers appreciate our reliability and our qualified support based on the long experience in the complete process of product development and marketing & sales starting from the basic idea up to the successful selling of the developed product.

For allmost every medical or industrial company a quality management (QM) is a MUST to be competitive on the market and ensure a constant and increasing quality of their products, working processes and customer relationship. plock consulting provides consulting and executing of projects in QM starting e. g. from little IT and documentation projects up to startup & building complete quality management systems (QMS) and their maintenance.

In summery plock consulting offers the following consulting services:

01.  consulting
02.  quality management
03.  regulatory affairs
04.  interims management
05.  project management
06.  medical technology
07.  research & development
08.  verification & validation
09.  special services
10.  other services