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project management


DIN 69901:   "Project management is
the intirety of managerial functions,
organisation, techniques and style in
order to execute a project."

Association for Information-
Technology:   "to lead the project, coordinate, navigate and control"

plock consulting offers professional planning, control and realisation of projects or parts of projects as pure contract project-planning also in combination with realisation of small or big development or process optimizing projects.

In doing so we also consider our social competence for the success of a project.

Especially the autonomy of plock consulting is very helpfull during conflicts which can mostly be solved effectivly by external advice or meditation in economically adequate time and costs.

project management

5.1.1 Interims Management
5.1.2 Project plans
5.1.3 Planning of costs, time and resources, ROI, etc.

project controlling

5.1.1 Controlling of costs, time, milestones and resources attendant to the project
5.1.2 Budget & project reporting