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Advice does not only mean
to know more or
to have more skills.

Who wants to help companies today to deal with challenges of the future has to develop and realise creative and exeptional ideas.

Only this creativity allows outstanding results.


plock consulting was founded in 2006 by Mr. Ronald Plock in Berlin Germany.

Based on over ten year experiance (1995 - 2006) in

  • - management by objectives (MB),
  • - research & development (R&D)
  • - quality management (QM) and regulatory affairs (RA)
  • - marketing & sales

he decided to create his own business.

In 2007 he moved with his office to the north of Berlin caused by increasing business, business-fields, projects and employees.

plock consulting provides customer orientated consulting and support in almost every division of an industrial or medical production company from basic consulting up to executing complete projects.