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tl_files/plockconsulting/images/helper/Bond-Helper_NEU_k.jpg ------- gives following potential 

  • - customers
  • - recruiting agengies
  • - strategic partners

an overview on our CEO Ronald Plock, which is often supporting our customers on interims management base.


To access detailed informations about skills, references and anonymized projects, you need to get in direct contact.

A short CV summary you could see on  tl_files/plockconsulting/images/06_plock-me/XING.gif.

A detailed CV you could get on his personal website:


50% PLUS interims program

Our most effective and most wanted interims availability is the interims program "50% PLUS":

50% PLUS = 50% at place, at the customers company
                   PLUS = ( X ... 50%) office based in the plock consulting office

* prefered at weekly base = 1 week at customers office, 1 week at plock consulting office


This gives both parties the following pros:

  • - fixed and realiable availibility (50%) in the customers company
      * prefered one complete week
  • - flexible part (PLUS) related to customers needs in the office of plock consulting
      * within the "out of customers office week"
  • - in peak times plock consulting could increase his project team during the "PLUS week" to speed up the
      customer related project task and the availability if needed over 100% by using plock consulting
      internal resources
  • - plock consulting inhouse knowhow, tools and equipments could be efficiantly used
      for the customers