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New Webdesign

2012-01-01 01:00 by Ronald Plock (admin)

launch of new webdesign of including new plock consulting services!


On 01.01.2012 plock consulting launched their new webside on


Together with that launch new services are implemented within plock consulting.

Beside the ongoing customer projects, plock consulting has created a video platform, called "plock tv".
A video for experts to present themselves, their services and knowledge by inhouse created videos.
All videos are created in green-screen and teleprompter-technology, so both (content, slides and presenter) are seen at the same time, like in a real presentation.

plock consulting wants to build up with that new and up2date video service a network for medical experts for experts and customers.

In the past everybody said:
"a picture says more than 1000 words!".
plock consulting believes that
"a video will even say more than one single picture!".

Each new official video presentation will be announced to registered users by seperate newsletter.
So register now, don´t miss it!

Please note that we are just in the beginning of this development. Right now all technical backgrounds to produce this expert videos are installed and we are ready to "go for it".

In the next step we are producing our first own video samples and we contacting our partner agencies to join this expert forum.

The second step will be to launch their videos and promote it.

Finally the third step is to promote this new expert video plattform throuch actual social media, congresses and advertising.

best regards
Ronald Plock,
plock consulting, 01st of January 2012

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