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in your work and success!

in your work and success!

in your work and success!

with your work and success!


plock consulting gives support for almost every division of an industrial or medical production or development company from the assistance up to the management.

Especially for company startups it is most important to start structured and safe to get out not only good products, but also a company that will be successful and able to survive also after the funding period or credits.

company consulting

1.1.1 Business plans
1.1.2 Budgets
1.1.3 Financing
1.1.4 Cash flow
1.1.5 Appropriation of funds

process optimizing

1.2.1 Process analysis and process optimizing
1.2.2 Process validation and process maintenance
1.2.3 GMP, Process Validation GAMP4, Software Validation GAMP 5, Lean-Six-Sigma, Lean

risk management

1.3.1 Company Risk Management
1.3.2 Process Risk Management
1.3.3 Product Risk Management for Medical Products according to ISO 14971

event consulting

1.4.1 Coordination and execution of trade shows
1.4.2 Coordination and execution of specialized training events

business contacts

1.5.1 Supplier
1.5.2 Manufacturer
1.5.3 Consulting
1.5.4 Marketing
1.5.5 International sales