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other services on request

Other services on request are processes that we could provide for our customers on request if necessary. They are not in our main focus but according to our experiance in the listed fields possible.

So please feel free to contact us also in this topics.


The "American Marketing Association" (AMA) defines Marketing in the following way:

Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

plock consulting gives its customers over eight years based experience in Marketing & Sales especially in the defining, designing, promotion and selling of medical devices and their accessories.

marketing services

10.1.1 Product Management
10.1.2 Product Design
10.1.3 Market Strategy Development
10.1.4 Artwork Design
10.1.5 Coordination of Media Campaigns
10.1.6 Ad Campaign Consultation
10.1.7 Trade show Coordination
10.1.8 Website Development

distribution services

10.2.1 Distribution Network Development
10.2.2 Direct Sales Campaign Coordination
10.2.3 E-commerce Ordering and Fulfilment
10.2.4 Distribution of Collateral Materials
10.2.5 Customer Service Support

special marketing services

10.3.1 Development of „country-specific product specifications“
10.3.2 Hardware design, software design, ergonomic industrial design
10.3.3 CI
10.3.4 Design of Prospects / leaflets and product specifications incl.
        video-animation and MS-PowerPoint presentations

special export services

10.4.1 Export Management
10.4.2 „Letter of credits“ procedures incl. documents and customs law
10.4.3 Contact to international Sales Network for medical products

special sales services

10.5.1 Technical, medical and product education
10.5.2 Organisation and instructions for internal and external trainings
10.5.3 Reimbursment Evaluations and Management for German Reimbursment

special services

10.6.1 Development/ organisation, technical and medical training of / for
        new founded agencies and subsidiaries
10.6.2 Service trainings
10.6.3 Medical and technical training for exclusive agencies worldwide
10.6.4 Internal training: ISO 9001, EN 13485, CE-certification procedure,
        product and service, export / customs law