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interims management

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plock consulting is providing interims management with and on different skill levels.

plock consulting also helps you to outsource different processes that are not your basic business or not your intend to work on.

Please contact us to get more information about possibilities for interims management inside your company or continuous management of outsourced projects or processes.

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Since 2007 we are doing interims management directly in the companies of our customers or indirectly via recruiting agencies or consulting partners.

plock consulting is very flexible in this field, caused by the wide range of knowledge and experience as well as by flexibility in increasing and decreasing manpower according to the customers need.

part time management in your company

4.1 interims manager in your company

If you need management skills for a certain time in your company, plock consulting could provide you that skills on different levels in all described services of plock consulting.

Starting on engineering level up to top management plock consulting has a great experience, taken on interims projects of different sizes.

Please contact us directly to get more information.

continuous management of outsourced processes

4.2 outsourced projects or processes

If you do have processes that are not directly related or in interest to your company skills or to small or to specialized for your company plock consulting could help you to outsouce that processes or help you out on interims base.